Damages At Denny’s Punk Present All Lined By Inexperienced Day


Last week local punk group WACKO played a 20 minute set in a Denny & # 39; s in Santa Ana, California. The performance was modeled after an earlier viral video, and depending on the questioner, the result looks like either absolute chaos or the best night of your life.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was damaged and Denny & # 39; s asks for $ 1,000 repairs. Almost $ 2,000 was donated to an original GoFundMe, but another was created (before the $ 2,000 hit) as the damage should be closer to $ 1,800. Fortunately, Bryson Del Valle, the 17-year-old organizer who booked the gig, has some savior angels: Green Day .

The punk rock group donated $ 2,000 alone and left the comment: “Hey Bryson, give us a call! We want to play the Bastards Club. Dear green day. "

EDM recently had a kind of "punk rock moment" when Skrillex appeared on a CDJs and mixer at a show in Shanghai. Our community, which is supposedly based on the principles of PLUR, is not so used to such moments. But maybe we should hug the punk rockers in our midst like Getter, Ghastly and Skrillex? God knows that we could use a little fear from time to time.

If you are curious, read WACKO's full sentence below.

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