Cuba Gooding Junior’s Brother Defends Cuba In IG Submit


Cuba Gooding Junior had to deal with a variety of legal issues over the past year, including allegations of varying severity, from rape to violent touch and kiss. However, BET reports that his younger brother Omar is behind him.

On his Instagram account, Omar published a photo of the A Few Good Men actor holding his newborn nephew Miles Christian Gooding together with Omar's other child, Omar Gooding Junior. The caption under the photo read "Sorry Hate".

Omar urged his brother to hold his head up and added two hashtags, including "#Truth" and "#TisTheSeason". Omar then turned off the subtitles and comment section. A total of 22 women have been reported to have accused Mr. Junior of sexual misconduct.

Cuba Gooding Junior was officially charged in New York with several charges. However, the recent allegations have not yet brought charges, even though Page Six and TMZ claim they may be on their way soon. Mark Heller, Gooding's lawyer, first reported from TMZ that his client had contested all claims.

Heller used to claim that Cuba was a target for such accusations because he was a visible celebrity, and this often happens to people who are so visible.

At the beginning of this year, Cuba was on trial for sexual assault when the deputy district attorney suddenly announced additional charges against the actor. Several reports said Gooding smiled and looked happy on the way to the courthouse, but didn't look so happy after the new charges.

So far, Cuba has not been publicly supported by celebrities or other personalities in the entertainment industry. In fact, even Curtis Jackson, aka 50 cents, made fun of the actor on his Instagram account.


50 Cent asked why Cuba Gooding Junior was at a baseball game in New York when he was just accused of touching several women. As previously reported, Cuba is said to have touched women. However, in some cases the video footage is quite grainy and it is difficult to see what actually happened.

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