Courteney Cox Followers Say She Appears A Lot Like Caitlyn Jenner And She Agrees – Verify Out Her Hilarious Response!


Newly discovered celebrity lookalikes? Courteney Cox responded to social media users who said she and Caitlyn Jenner look pretty alike!

It was definitely an unexpected comparison, but as it turns out, the Friends actress can fully recognize her resemblance!

It all started with Cox posting a picture alongside David Spade and former Bachelor Nick Viall.

In the comments, some people soon pointed out that Courteney is Caitlyn's lookalike!

The star was quite amused at first, although she couldn't really see the similarities herself.

Anyway, she continued to jokingly address the traits that people say are similar.

Then she published a slideshow with snapshots. One shows the selfie originally shared by Spade, while other screenshots of comments about her and the transgender icon were as if they were twins.

"@ davidspade posted this picture, now I really didn't think I looked like myself, but it was surprising …", wrote Cox in the caption.

Finally, the last slide was a side-by-side comparison between Cox and Jenner, and at that point she admitted, "Okay … I can see it."

Jennifer Aniston, the co-star of her former friends and long-time best friend in real life, quickly got involved in the discussion, and it looks like she was also very amused by the whole thing.

"You're funny. Oh my god, I love you," Jen wrote in the comment section.

Speaking of friends, it looks like the die-hard fans of the cult classic will get what they want!


The Hollywood Reporter reported only last month that all of the main characters, as well as the original creators, David Crane and Marta Kauffman, are currently in talks with HBO Max to possibly launch a reunification project.

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