Chrome is getting a devoted media management button


  • Check out the new button! It is for media controls.

    Ron Amadeo

  • It supports every site, but some offer more features than others.

    Ron Amadeo

  • If you do not want to wait for the rollout, you have to activate this setting flag.

    Ron Amadeo

Chrome gets a new "Media Hub" feature that provides media controls for all tabs right at your fingertips. The new feature takes the form of a button located next to your profile picture and the menu button in the top right corner of Chrome. Click on it and you will see control cards for all of your tabs that are currently playing media. Google recently announced this feature on the Chromium blog, but the post has been discontinued. We have a mirror here as a PDF.

The media controls that started on Chrome OS in August are now available for the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of Chrome. In its simplest form, the media control displays the URL, title, and a single button of the currently playing site for "pause". This form of notification control works for all of the operations I've tested. In this way, you can quickly determine which loud tabs you have just opened and silence them. Websites can implement extended support for this feature. This then works exactly like the notification via the media control of Android. The buttons "Back", "Next", "Back" and "Forward" as well as the album cover can be displayed on the control card. Just like with Android, the notification is colored according to colors that were automatically selected from the album cover. So far, YouTube is the only website I've come across that supports all the features of these richer media controls.

Google’s blog post states that the new feature is now available to everyone, even though the blog post has no longer been posted, so the timeframe may change. The good news is that you can activate the feature immediately by looking in the flag settings to activate the "Global Media Controls" (just add chrome: // flags / # global-media-controls to the address bar on). After a relaunch, the new button should appear.


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