Certification coaching on the Google Cloud Platform is simply $12


Did you drool around in the wrong job for a long time in 2019? If so, you could make your New Year's decision to do something about it. The exciting world of cloud computing could be just the thing for your passion for 2020.

The Google Cloud Platform is Google's answer to Amazon Web Services. It is a suite of cloud computing services and is the leading tool for many high-end machine learning applications. This is because TensorFlow, which is widely used in deep learning technology is also from Google.

It may sound a bit niche, but TensorFlow is used to manage large amounts of data Huge sums of money are being invested these days . How else can companies process all the data they have stored about us?

Complete comprehensive certification exam training for Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect.

The full Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect guide is a good place to start in this field. It does not require any previous knowledge and contains 22 hours easy-to-follow online video tutorials.

They are even fully Google Data Engineer and prepared for Cloud Architect certification exams .

Overview of Google Cloud Training:

  • Access to 166 lectures and 22 hours of content around the clock.
  • Preparation for certification exams for Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect.
  • Discover AppEngine, Kubernetes and Compute Engine.
  • Discuss Big Data and Managed Hadoop with Dataflow, BigQuery, and more.
  • Learn how neural networks and deep learning work.
  • Understand DevOps principles.

The training is worth nearly $ 200 but it’s nothing like tech deals for just $ 15. While the promo code 20SAVE20 is in effect, you can insert it at the checkout and save a few dollars more. In the end, you only pay $ 12.

Over 2,000 people have already registered but we are not sure how long the code will be valid. To learn more, follow the link below.

$ 12 .00

GCP: Complete Guide for Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Offer code: 20SAVE20

Save $ 187 .00 Buy Now

Save $ 187 .00 $ 12 .00 ]

Use the offer code: 20SAVE20

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