Celeb Make-up Artist Erin Parsons Exhibits That Glitter Will Be A Massive Pattern In 2020


Sometimes we see celebrities and marvel at their incredible looks, but forget that there is an experienced makeup artist behind the style. Erin Parsons is a prominent make-up artist, whose clients include Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Adriana Lima. Those who follow Erin, who often makes model and celebrity makeup for magazines like Vogue, will take a look at her genius and skill. Erin Parsons has over 177,000 followers on Instagram and not only shares photos and videos of her prominent customers, but also gives an insight into her inspiration behind the looks. Christmas is all about glitter.

Although Erin has many prominent customers, sometimes the best glimpses of the looks she creates for Kendall, Adriana or Gigi are the looks she creates for herself.

Erin shared a photo of Lily Aldridge, on which she wore a silvery eyeshadow and a deep, wine-red lip. The picture was breathtaking. Erin drew Lily's eyes with a glittering silver stripe for a unique look that was perfect for the holidays.

Erin left the following title: Christmas, but do it chic.

You may see the photo below of Lily Aldridge wearing a silver eye make-up by Erin Parsons.

Erin shared a video of herself in her New Year's makeup that follows the look she created for Lily Aldridge. It was this video that gave a better insight into the art that Erin hides behind her makeup look. In the video, Erin chose highly metallic, glittering shades of red for her lips and silver and gold for her eyes. If you check out Erin's official Instagram account, you'll see more creations she's used with this glitter feature.

You can see the video of Erin covered with glitter below for the New Year.

In addition to the glitter, Erin also used amazing white eyelashes at Gigi Hadid that others had reproduced themselves. You may see a photo slide show detailing Erin's influence on the fashion and beauty industry.

What do you think of Erin Parson's makeup looks? Are you a fan of their work?


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