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Lala Kent and Ambyr Childers "realized" that they were "on the same page" after Randall beat up Emmett's ex Lala to post Ambyr's children on their Instagram story.

Lala Kent 29, and Ambyr Childers 31, do not bring bad blood in 2020. The ladies surprised fans after Lala received a Christmas gift from Ambyr on December 23, and the olive branch came in the form of a necklace from Ambyr's jewelry company that showed the symbol of sisterhood based on Ambyr's Native American roots, like Lala in hers Instagram story wrote. Lala and Ambyr seemed far from having a “sisterhood” in August when Ambyr set the star in motion for the Vanderpump rules for sharing photos and videos on their two daughters' social media. London 9, and Rylee 5, whom she shares with her ex-husband and Lala's future husband, Randall Emmett 48. "Lala is such a sweetheart and she never wanted tensions between herself and Ambyr. Lala knows that she will spend the rest of her life with Randall, which means that this also goes with his children and her mother. She loves his children with all her heart and never wanted to upset Ambyr, ”reports one source EXCLUSIVELY HollywoodLife .

According to our insider, Lala and Ambyr were able to achieve a ceasefire thanks to a common goal. “It was very important for Lala to make up for Ambyr, and she felt that the Christmas season and the New Year were the perfect time for it. The ladies made plans to discuss things and found that they were both on the same page and only wanted the best for the girls, ”our source reveals. Lala has no intention of replacing Ambyr's role in her daughters' lives. "Lala knows that she can never take her mother's place and she only wants to give her the love and support she can," added our source. "Lala really appreciates that Ambyr and Randall allow her to share these special moments with her girls, and she feels so blessed to be in a really good place with Ambyr now."

Lala can even return love with a special invitation, according to a second insider who spoke ONLY with HollywoodLife ! "Things went so well that Lala is now saying that she could invite Ambyr to the wedding," reveals our second source. Lala ties up with Ambyr's ex Randall in Miami in April 2020 and "she wants the girls [Randall and Ambyr’s daughters] to come to the wedding, and she feels it might be good for her if her mother is there that day. “There are several reasons why Ambyr's presence at the wedding would only make the day more special for Lala. "Not only because it would send them a great message that all adults can get along, but also because the day is going to be a crazy whirlwind, they could use Ambyr's help with the girls," explains our second source.

This invitation is still in the air. "It's just an idea at the moment, but Lala is seriously considering it," our second source clarifies. The insider says for now, Lala is just "so happy that she and Ambyr have connected" and "she wants them all to be a happy modern family".

In order to see Lala and Ambyr on such good terms, an adjustment phase is still necessary! Not too long ago, in August, Ambyr took part in her Instagram story to exchange a harsh warning for Lala. "Since you don't want to answer my text messages, I'll try here," Ambyr wrote next to a photo of her daughter. The You star continued: "LaLa, I appreciate your love for my children, but until you are officially their stepmother, you must not post my children on social media!" I hope to understand [you] where I come from. Thank you very much. "

However, this feud goes beyond an Instagram shoutout. Lala started dating Randall in 2016 before the film producer divorced Ambyr in December 2017 (however, Randall and Ambyr had split up in 2015). Ambyr called on Lala in April 2018 when she posted a deleted screenshot of text on Instagram that many fans believed to be from Lala. "And I'm nothing like you. First I can hold onto a man. Second, I have a job. And third, we never get engaged to someone 2 weeks after the ink on my divorce papers is dry," was one of the texts, and Ambyr wrote in her headline: "Be kind to rude people. You need it most. Even your loved one."


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