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Brandi Glanville did not want to "intentionally shadow" her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his wife LeAnn Rimes after she announced that she was not "invited" to her Christmas Day. Eddie and LeAnn feel different.

Brandi Glanville 47, had no shadow in her head when she told over 800,000 Twitter followers that her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian 46, and his wife LeAnn Rimes 37, didn't send her an invitation to her Christmas party! At first everything seemed happy when Brandi shared a Christmas family photo with her ex, her two sons Mason (19459005), 14 and Jake (19459005), 11 and LeAnn (19459005). But that sentimentality seemed to have been ruined when Brandi did everything to tweet that she had "not had a Christmas day" with her ex and his family, with this seemingly small phrase: "If I had been invited, I would have done it. I just picked up the boy still driving in the driveway and asked him to take a short picture. "These words should not be interpreted as battle words, as a source EXCLUSIVELY HollywoodLife reports:" Brandi wasn I am not deliberately trying to throw Eddie and LeAnn in the shade and it is "absolutely with Eddie and LeAnne a better place. ”Rather, she didn't want her vacation photo to be misinterpreted by the whole family.

As the tone of Brandi's tweet suggested, she would still have appreciated an invitation. In another tweet, she claimed that she only spent "5 minutes" with the family. "She wasn't invited to spend Christmas with them and thinks it would be nice if they extended an invitation," our source admits. But really, the Bravo star did not try to choose a fight, our insider says again: "Brandi posted this photo to show that they are all in a good place", even if in the end "also one Realist “is The mother of two wants" only the best for her boys and if that means doing everything to cope with her ex, then it is so, "added our source.

Eddie and LeAnn apparently did not receive a memo that read "No shadow intended". "LeAnn and Eddie are really trying not to get into the drama trap Brandi doesn't want to invite them to for Christmas," says a second source EXCLUSIVE HollywoodLife . "They all went out of their way to be in a better place and to be civic, but there's still the drama that comes up when you have to deal with an ex … LeAnn and Eddie just wanted a very relaxed Christmas, that they had, and now Brandi has decided to pursue the drama by talking about everything. "

As expected, Eddie and LeAnn Brandi's footnote on their Christmas photo didn't like it so much. "You feel like if the picture was just posted and nobody said anything, it wouldn't be a problem, but now she kind of blew it up by talking about everything," continues our second source. "But LeAnn and Eddie are going to blow everything up because there's really no reason to make a big deal about what they don't think is a problem at all."

I just want to make it clear that I didn't spend Christmas Day with my ex, wife and family. If I had been invited, I would have done it. I simply picked up the boy's car that was still driving in the driveway and asked to take a short picture.

– Brandi Glanville (@BrandiGlanville) December 27, 2019

Well, in Brandi's favor, she has assured that in another tweet she "loves everyone in this picture [s]". Her feud with the couple ended in 2018, one that began after she separated from Eddie in 2009 after meeting LeAnn, whom he met on the set of her film Northern Lights.


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