Cats Evaluations Are In: It is a “Kitschapalooza,” Each “A Horror and an Endurance Take a look at”


Cats, Director Tom Hooper's film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Weber's blockbuster game about cats with names like "Bustopher Jones". Bombalurina and Rumpleteazer have finally found their way into the world. Hooper only finished the film a day before its New York premiere on Monday, but kitsch and camp lovers have been waiting for its release since the film's extremely cursed trailer exploded online in July.

Initial reviews (re: tweets) of those who were lucky enough to attend the early screenings showed a high level of unbelief and horror. Vanity Fair film critic K. Austin Collins tweeted: “The people who sat down and invented cats in general need help. You need god. That is the only criticism that matters. IMO. ”

But the official reviews are in and they are not enthusiastic. Cats currently has a 17% "Rotten" rating for "Rotten Tomatoes". While critics have admitted that the film is cheesy and acidic, they have devastated everything from its extremely confusing plot to the human breasts and digital images of the cats for.

The consensus seems to be that the manufacture of cats is an extremely strange undertaking Hooper himself didn't make the film weird enough. "The butts have their obvious appeal," Manohla Dargis wrote for the New York Times. "But Hooper's mistake is that he tried to classify the joint. What a mistake! In feline terms, this is a film without epic hairballs, without sniffing in the back, without a deep, wounding scratch. Instead, the film stops his congenital strangeness and only cautiously cuts off in its stranger numbers. "

" Assessing cats as good or bad feels like a completely wrong axis to see them, "Alison Willmore wrote for Vulture." It is a monstrosity with all affection. "

Gabriella Paiella wrote a number of simple questions at GQ that the studio might have thought about before releasing this picture." How big are these cats exactly, so a mouse is proportionally the size of a fly and yet a bowl of potatoes is the size of a limousine and a ring is large enough to fit as a bracelet? "she wondered." The cats are definitely poly, right? "

They are definitely poly.


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