Cardi B’s Daughter Kulture Rocks Santa Outfit In Cute Vacation Pic – Test It Out!


Cardi B took her podium to show a charming picture of her daughter Kulture, ready for the most festive holidays of the year in Santa Claus outfit! That's right! The toddler rocked a red and white outfit all the time and looked like the perfect mini version of her rapper mother.

Cardi couldn't help but rave about her child and let the world know in the caption that her love for her cannot be explained.

The photo released by the female presenter shows the one-year-old in a red velvet outfit with fluffy white cuffs, which is disguised for Santa's arrival.

And that was not all! She also wore a black headband that didn't seem to match the mood, but did a great job adding to her cuteness and highlighting her pretty face.

Speaking of which, while her face was fully visible in front of the camera, Cardi and Offset's daughter didn't look directly into the lens to take the picture.

In fact, she seemed distracted by something and paid full attention to this mystery. Could it have been Santa Claus?

Cardi couldn't help but hold on to her vacation anyway, and that's exactly what she did!

Another thing the proud mother could not avoid was raving about her body. In the caption, she wrote: "I love my baby so much. An inexplicable love. "What a great way to put it!


Cardi often shows her many fans how much she enjoys being a mother and how much motherhood means to her, and this time it was no exception.

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