Buku Drops A Model New Slapper On Wakaan, “What You See”


It is almost insincere to say at this point that every medium-sized artist fell asleep because he will always have his own dedicated group of fans. But more precisely, Buku should have a lot more fans and listeners for how consistently amazing and innovative his productions are.

His new track "What You See" is a perfect example of what the Pittsburgh native is capable of in the studio. It starts out super shaky with lots of expansive arpeggio synthesizers as it brings in the oscillating beats to build up tension before the drop. When everything begins to crescendo, it ebbs and flows, creating even more space. It's more than a minute before the drop and there was literally nothing but anticipation.

Then it finally explodes. It's aggressive, but the way Muhammad Ali is aggressive, it floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee mentality. It's calculated, it's light-footed, but if you're not careful it will hit you right over the jaw.

The second drop is copy + paste, which is not always good … unless the drop is that good. Then definitely give me more.

Check out "What You See" from Buku below, today on Wakaan!


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