BTS’ Lead Singer Has Misplaced 33 Pairs Of AirPods Value $6,000 To Date


Apple's AirPod headphones aren't cheap, but they still seem to be selling like hot cakes. One of the selling points of the headphones is their size where they are small and portable, but that is also their problem where it would be fairly easy to lose them due to their true wireless design.

Spare parts are not cheap either, and according to a recent Q&A stream, Kim Namjoon, the lead singer and rapper of the K-pop sensation band BTS, announced that he had lost 33 AirPod pairs so far has and is currently in 34th place is a couple. Given the price of the AirPods, it was estimated that it had lost $ 6,000 in AirPods so far, making it a very, very expensive process.

Given BTS's hectic travel itinerary that they traveled the world with, we assume it's not hard to imagine that he would have lost his AirPods somewhere along the way. However, this indicates a problem with the headphones. Due to the fact that repair is practically impossible, some have indicated that this is an environmental problem.

This applies to AirPods that have been lost or cannot be repaired, where they will basically end up somewhere in a dump. Given that Apple is profiling itself as a company with the goal of sustainable development, it is hopefully an aspect of AirPod design that the company can focus on in the future.

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