Brisbane: Greatest Excursions and Actions


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Cities like Brisbane have a long history and some unique experiences that simply cannot be enjoyed without a tour – and fortunately for Brisbane tourists, There are many tours to choose from. These incredible experiences can open your eyes to what Brisbane really has to offer. Local guides give you an insight into the city and the surrounding regions. If you're looking for some of the best tours and activities in Brisbane, here is a list of 10 worth visiting.

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Brisbane River Cruise and Koala Sanctuary

This river cruise and visit to the Koala Shrine begin with a peaceful cruise along the Brisbane River, where you can enjoy unique views of the city. Enjoy snacks from the on-board café while cruising along the river.

After the 70-minute ride, disembark at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and get to know some of their cuddly creatures. After an eventful day of watching shows and seeing a number of Australian creatures, you'll eventually jump back on the river cruise and return to your pickup point.

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