Brad Pitt Breaks His Silence On His Love Life – How Could Ladies Has He Dated Since The Angelina Jolie Divorce?


People wonder if Brad Pitt has been back together since his divorce from Angelina Jolie. Similarly, there were many romantic rumors about him and a number of different women! Now the actor finally breaks his silence and reveals the truth about his love life!

During a New York Times interview, Brad talked about his career, but also about his private life, and answered a burning question: "How many women has he dated since the divorce?

After all, three years have passed! Could he really have been single all the time?

At first, the writer David Marchese only wondered if Brad had read any gossip about him.

"I do not go out of my way to avoid it, I just do not choose it, I do not know how many women have said it, that I've been together for the last two or three years, and none of that is true – I was just thinking about something, but maybe it does not mean anything, "he argued.

Okay, although he did not disclose the number of women he'd met at this time, he made it clear that none of the rumors that he was his partner was romantic with him!

And that was not all! The actor used a very clever little story to get the press to jump to conclusions every time and think wrongly.


"When I started my career, I was in the US today. I was pretty happy with myself. Two days after the show, I go to the house of a friend. In the kitchen I look down and there is a cat toilet for the cat – and here's my piece in USA Today with a cat-dump over it. That pretty much makes it so. "

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