Babu Frik Steals Child Yoda’s Thunder Following Star Wars 9 Debut


Babu Frik is the new Star Wars alien on the block. The little droid-smith is featured in J.J. Abrams’ The Rise of Skywalker and he’s apparently stealing some of Baby Yoda’s thunder. Baby Yoda, aka The Child, is the breakout star of The Mandalorian, which is currently one of the biggest shows on television. The Disney+ series introduced the world to Baby Yoda just last month, but it appears there’s some new competition in town, thanks to J.J. Abrams. There are minor SPOILERS for The Rise of Skywalker below.

Babu Frik is a tiny Anzellan droid-smith, who helps The Resistance out on Kijimi. Shirley Henderson from the Harry Potter franchise provides his voice. Not much is known about the little dude, but he has some one-liners in The Rise of Skywalker and he seems to be a pretty big hit amongst Star Wars fans. Frik only has a few lines, which are pretty hard to understand, but it’s the puppetry behind the character that brings him to life and gives him a real personality. It’s also teased that he may be involved with some pretty dark exploits on the ice planet.

Some Star Wars fans are starting to draw a line in the sand when it comes to Babu Frik vs. Baby Yoda. One of the more common complaints about The Mandalorian star is that he’s not even really a baby. He’s actually 50-years old, which means he should be able to wear some goggles like Babu Frik and get to work reprogramming droids to read ancient Sith texts. On the other hand, Frik only appears in two scenes and that’s it. There’s really not a whole lot to go on and Baby Yoda could Force Choke him out really easily.

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“Forget Baby Yoda, Babu Frik is my new obsession,” says one fan on social media. Another Star Wars fans declares, “Baby Yoda is dead to me now. It’s all about Babu Frik, Baybeeeeeee!!!” It really didn’t take too long for that to happen, but it will more than likely be short-lived. “Baby Yoda? I only know one Bab… Babu Frik.” We’ll see about that when the Baby Yoda toys arrive in May, while the Babu Frik merchandise is sitting there with discount stickers and a layer of dust two-feet thick.

While The Rise of Skywalker has once again proven to be divisive, The Mandalorian seems to be the one thing Star Wars fans can all agree on. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have been able to craft something special that also unites fans across the board. Obviously, J.J. Abrams was at a disadvantage from the start because he had to continue the big screen legacy. Filoni and Favreau were almost able to float in under the radar with a project that really had little to no expectations from fans. Regardless, the battle has begun: Baby Yoda vs. Babu Frik. Who will win this battle? You can head over to the official website for a better look at Babu Frik.

Forget baby Yoda. Babu Frik is my new obsession

— Robin Komin (@RobinKomin) December 18, 2019

All I’ll say about Star Wars #TheRiseOfSkywalker right now is that Baby Yoda better make some room for Babu Frik.

— Jio de Leon (@jiodeleon) December 18, 2019

baby yoda is dead to me now. it’s all about babu frik, baybeeeeeee!!!

— ashleigh 🌺 (@ashleighd_) December 19, 2019

Someone let @Jon_Favreau know that we want Baby Yoda to meet Babu Frik in season 2 of @themandalorian please. Cheers. #StarWars#TheRiseOfSkywalker

— Tyler Hutchinson (@HutchTyler) December 19, 2019

— stanley smucci (@ABigDumbBaby) December 19, 2019

”Baby Yoda”, your reign was great, but brief. Stand aside for Babu Frik! #StarWarsRiseofSkywalker#GetYourFrikOn

— Nikalm (@NiklasAlmen) December 19, 2019

Baby Yoda? I only know one Bab… Babu Frik 🥰

— Samuel Harris (@samewlharris) December 19, 2019

this is baby yoda’s and babu frik’s world and we’re just living in it bye

— K V🍜 (@karenvh13) December 20, 2019

can babu frik chain me to a chair and erase my memory i want to be free of this pain

— ✺ (tros spoilers) (@bendeylo) December 20, 2019

A spin-off buddy cop show with Babu Frik & Baby Yoda. Do it you cowards.

— deevs (@deevotheman) December 20, 2019

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