At Least 35 Folks Injured In 63-Automobile Freeway Pileup In Virginia


In York County, VA, on Interstate 64, there was a major accident that injured dozens of people. This appears to be a chain reaction accident.

According to NBC News, at least 35 people were injured in the Sunday morning accident when the wreck with 63 vehicles cut off traffic on Interstate 64.

Authorities Currently, it is still being investigated what led to the accident. However, state police say there was fog and ice on Queens Creek Bridge when the accident occurred at around 7:51 a.m.

The injuries sustained in the accident range from minor to life-threatening. No deaths were reported. A spokesman for the Riverside Regional Medical Center reported that 25 of the injured were treated, one who was in serious condition.

Both lanes were blocked before the authorities were able to open the lanes leading to the east early Sunday morning. People were encouraged to avoid the highway.

As many of you know, it's vacation time right now, and so many people drive their vehicles on the highway. Roommates, please be on the safe side.

We will continue to keep you informed of this story.

12:30 UPDATE: # VSP investigations into accidents involving a chainreax of 63 vehicles that affect the east and west I64 in the #York district are ongoing. 35 transported to treatment. No deaths reported. Continue to Folo @ 511statewideva for diversion information. @YorkPoquosonSO @VaDOTHR[19459002[19459001[—VAStatePolice(@VSPPIO)22December2019

Source : https: //www.nbcn -news / at least-35-injured-63-vehicle-autobahn-buffer-virginia-n1106351

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