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Ashley Tisdale has flawless skin and the actress has told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY what steps she is taking in her skin care routine to get a clear, radiant complexion.

If there is one thing with Ashley Tisdale 34, it is that she has beautiful skin and the actress shares her beauty and skin care secrets with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVE shared the PhD routine Neutrogena Bright Boost Skincare . When it comes to Ashley's clear skin, admit it, I drink at least one bottle of Smart Water a day, that's 1.5 liters. I also think what people forget is that nutrition is a big part of the skin and water is such a big part. When I'm traveling, I also specialize in my water. But when I'm traveling and don't drink enough water, my skin starts to look dull. So I think it's really important and it's something that is so simple and straightforward, but we tend to drink coffee and alcohol or whatever. I just feel that the water really helps your skin as you get older. Ashley also said, "I think it is really good to know how sensitive your food is, and I retired dairy products five years ago because I was sensitive to it. and that helped my skin enormously. As a dairy-free person, I think it really helped, because breakouts or anything related to your skin usually comes from foods we eat. "

Aside from staying hydrated, Ashley shared her exact skincare routine that she follows every day and admitted that she didn't like "going beyond the product" not a big fan of too many products. So the products that I find that I love, I only use these and I obviously use a facial detergent and the Gel Cream Illuminating Serum and then I put on my makeup. I think if you use an excess of it, your skin will freak out. Usually there are freakouts and I think that's because too much is happening. I like the Bright Boost collection. I think it's great that it was created by millennials. So it's not someone who creates this product line who thinks they know what you need, but people who know what they need and create it. "

Just like us, Ashley also admits that she has trouble spots, and reveals: “For me, I would say that I am a beach baby and therefore like to stand in the sun and as we get older, our skin tone becomes something from past sun damage uneven. I think that's kind of a problem area for me. I just keep my skin tone away from things we don't think about when we're younger. “Even better, Ashley admits that she has so many“ beauty sins ”from us, we can say we have experienced it too. "I can wash my face really well and I firmly believe that I wash your face every time because I wear a lot of make-up for work – but sometimes I get tired and ask: 'Okay, I will wash my face , but I will forget to do with my products. “So I sin there. I use everything in the morning, but I want to get the best results. Twice a day is always the best, and I think that's something I could do better. "

For a beauty goal Ashley is very excited about the new year: "Well, I am very happy that I continue to grow hair – I had a dream with my hair. I had extensions for so long and could then switch from extensions to tapings, and I don't have them at all now, so I'm looking forward to letting go and growing and not doing anything crazy about it (like pink hair last year) and just letting it go. ”


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