Ariel Winter ‘Happier Than Ever’ And ‘Having Enjoyable’ With Luke Benward Following Her Levi Meaden Cut up


Ariel Winter and her new love interest, Luke Benward, had been friends for years before their relationship became romantic. Still, they look like they could be each other's ideal partners.

Ariel and Luke's relationship comes about after the actress broke up with her previous boyfriend, Levi Leaden!

The two things are said to have ended about four months ago, but Ariel has already moved on with Luke and a source tells HollywoodLife that she is "happier than ever" with him!

At the same time, however, Ariel is in no hurry to label it in any way, since everything is so new.

What is certain, however, is that she is definitely having fun with Luke. Although Ariel is seen with Luke, she finally thinks she is single and happier than she has been in a long time. She takes her relationships very seriously and when she falls in love she throws everything into herself. "

The two have a lot in common, not only because they are older, but also because they both have similar beginnings in the industry.

Nevertheless, she and Levi had been together for no less than three years and even lived together at some point.

They really looked like a stable couple, but in the end, the insider found that their age difference played a big role in their separation.

The 21-year-old actress didn't want to stay at home all the time and lose contact with her friends, which is exactly what happened when she was with Levi.


“Ariel likes to go out and enjoy single life and celebrate a storm. She is finally back to herself and her friends are overjoyed. Everyone sees how happy she is, "said the source.

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