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Zigi fans are convinced that Gigi Hadid suggests that she and Zayn Malik are back together after releasing his mother's recipe! It comes just a few weeks after they say they started talking again.

The third time is the attraction? Gigi Hadid 24, raised an eyebrow on Instagram when she shared one of her favorite recipes with fans. Courtesy of ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik & # 39; s mother! The shoutout convinced fans that Gigi and Zayn, 27, who have been dating for the first time since 2015 – and then separated, are back together, and have separated in the past four years – could meet again. Gigi posted a stunning photo on her Instagram story on December 29, titled “Sunday in the kitchen to marinate the chicken for one of my favorites !!! @ mammamaliks chicken curry pasta salad. (Hopefully she'll share the receipt with the world someday), make sure to mark Trisha Malik . You can see Gigi's post HERE !

Fans do not let this go unnoticed. They flocked to Twitter after seeing Gigi's post in which a fan wrote, "I'm telling you #Zigi is happening again. I'm happy." The same. "Gigi, who makes Zayn's mother's recipe, is really so cute. I'm really glad that they had a nice relationship," tweeted another sweet fan. "Okay Gigi, you can now feed us pictures of Zayn," wrote in as well Zigi believer, and it gets better, as some fans stressed, Zayn's mother re-posted Gigi's image in her own Instagram story! She followed with videos of herself cooking the seemingly curry chicken and made fans believe it that Gigi and Trisha could actually be together in the kitchen.

Trisha really does nothing to stop the rumor mill. She also posted a British Vogue video from 2017 in which Gigi says her favorite restaurant is "my friend's mother's house". And she liked a post on December 30 from a Zigi fan account that defended the former (?) Couple of haters who said their relationship was "toxic". Now Trisha could just do an embarrassing mother thing and not confirm anything. Admittedly, Zayn is back on Twitter after a few weeks. He tweeted about watching football while Gigi shared his mother's recipe. Hmm…

Zayn and Gigi have not been photographed together since their last separation in August 2018, but the exes are reported to have spoken to each other again in November of this year after separating from the Bachelorette star. Tyler Cameron 26. "[Gigi and Zayn] went through a phase in which they took their time and did not communicate at all, but have been in contact lately," shared a source E! News at the time. "She supports him. They talk here and there, but it was easy. "


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