Apple’s Most Costly New Mac Professional Prices Nearly $53Okay!


TSR Tech: Phew! The days have come when our computers start to cost more than our cars. Today, Apple dropped its new Mac Pro desktop computer, and it's just proof that Apple nowadays can charge for its products just about anything they want.

and this starter pack has specifications that some pros in the game may find inappropriate.

So, anyone looking for the better-loaded version will cost Bloomberg more than $ 52,000, and that does not include the optional 400-dollar wheels that make up the computer easy to move in an office.

If you want to know why it costs so much, we'll help break it down.

The base product contains 256 gigabytes of memory, low for professional computers in the same price range. A 4 terabyte option costs an additional $ 1,400. According to Apple's website, an 8-terabyte upgrade will follow later, but prices have not yet been announced.

Increasing your computer's RAM from 32 gigabytes to 1.5 terabytes costs $ 25,000, the main reason why the price can exceed $ 52,000.

The new Mac Pro does not come with a display. Apple released a new Pro Display XDR for about $ 5,000 on Tuesday.

It is safe to say that those who were unimpressed by this price tag are in the minority because social media has been shaken today by that price.

"I like all those Mac Pro configurations that cost more than a luxury car or a significant portion of a mortgage. I mean, seriously? "Said a Twitter user.

Since the summer, when Apple announced that the stand for the new monitor would cost an additional $ 999, prices are uneven.

The good news is that Apple on Tuesday will double the cashback offer for the Mac Pro Apple Card on Apple Hardware will buy up to 6% by the end of the year ,

Roommate, do you think you'll play the new Mac Pro? Let us know!

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