Apple’s AirPods Are Anticipated To Deliver In $four Billion In Quarterly Income


Apple's AirPods were mocked on launch. This was mainly due to their design and price, but despite the initial mockery, they quickly became incredibly popular. How popular, you ask? According to a recent Asymco study, it may well be on the way to overtaking iPod sales during its peak.

The report claims that AirPods, based on the device's current trends and popularity, could soon make up $ 4 billion in billions of dollars of how much the iPod contributed to Apple during its peak in 2007. Assuming this is true, then this is a big coup for Apple, though it's not really surprising.

It was recently reported that Apple sold up to 3 million units on Thanksgiving weekend, presumably due to sales on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. We had already heard in November that the company is also aiming for a doubling of the production of its AirPods Pro.

There were also rumors that Apple might actually consider bundling AirPods with its future iPhones, even though we do. Imagine it would probably take away a huge share of the company's revenue.

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