Apple Watch Saves Life Of Man Who Did Not Know What A-Fib Was


Heart rate sensors aren't exactly new, and we've seen them make their debut in fitness trackers in the past, where they used to be you would exist as a separate standalone accessory. With the Apple Watch, however, heart rate sensors have become more than just a way to measure heart rate. We have heard numerous reports of how this feature saved many lives by alerting them to a higher than normal heart rate.

In this case, 74-year-old Roy Robinson was saved from his Apple Watch when he was made aware of a possible A-Fib thanks to the ECG monitoring tool integrated in the watch. The best part was that Robinson had no idea what an A-Fib should be, but when he was alerted, his son urged him to go to the emergency room, where he was later admitted.

It is unclear What could have caused the A-Fib alarm to go off on Robinson's watch because it was not detailed? Robinson wasn't sure if the Apple Watch saved his life either, but he believes it definitely played a role. In such cases, it helps to be aware of a problem early on.

For example, if his watch hadn't constantly alerted him to a possible A-Fib, Robinson would simply have gone home to rest there, it might have been too late. Robinson also pointed out that the best part of the whole ordeal was that Apple CEO Tim Cook sent him a personal email.

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