Antonio Brown’s Child Mama Chelsie Kyriss Checks Him Following His Twitter Rant—“We Are Not The Identical”


Ever since Antonio Brown, currently unemployed, has been unemployed, he has been practicing his Twitter fingers. His social media behavior varies between remorse, anger, or dodgy – and his latest Twitter talk was full of shadows against his baby mom Chelsie Kyriss, and now she's clapping back.

Tweets that caused a stir. In the series of outrageous messages, Antonio wrote: “No more white women in 2020. Hopefully by 2020 you will see me clearly, God use me for your honor !!!! Chelsie Kyriss not only mines Baby Mama 3, so we're clearing @Google !!!!! ”

It was the last sentence that came back to bite him because Chelsie Antonio replied with a message of his own. She picked up her Instagram stories and checked Antonio on their relationship status. She wrote:

We are not the same. "

If you now know something about these two, then you know that they have a cycle in which they are in and out of a relationship to each other. These messages could mean the end for the former couple – or it could just be a spit of a couple being translated into social media and they will be back sooner rather than later … only time will tell Antonio has not yet publicly replied to Chelsie's post.

Roommate, what do you think about it?

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