Antonio Brown Reportedly Working Out For The New Orleans Saints


#Roommates, Antonio Brown had a fairly eventful year 2019. After being without a team, the current free agent spent the second half of the year against Baby fighting mom and working on an emerging rap career. After asking to be reinstated in the league, it appears that he is fulfilling his wish because he is said to work for the Saints of New Orleans.

Reports emerged earlier this week that revealed that New Orleans The Saints were preparing to practice with Antonio Brown. Trainer Sean Payton confirmed the training in the media, but made it clear that at this time there is no guarantee that Antonio will be signed by the team.

Payton had the following to say about Antonio's training:

“We do our homework. There would be a number of players we signed or drafted in recent years – some worked, some didn't. The process is something we take seriously and it is important in relation to the composition of the team. “

He also said that the Saints should have clarity from the NFL about the status of Antonio in which they can play the postseason if it is signed by the Saints.

"This is the information we need to get from the league if we want to go that route," said Payton. "And we don't have that yet."

To brush up on the problems that caused him not to play in the NFL, here it is. Antonio is currently under investigation by the NFL as part of her personal behavior policy after his former trainer, Britney Taylor, filed a lawsuit alleging that she had been sexually assaulted several times. Antonio is also accused of sexual misconduct by an artist who worked at the residence in 2017.

He rejected all allegations and even met the NFL in Florida for eight hours in November to investigate. So far, the NFL has not yet completed its investigation. In the meantime, Antonio could still be faced with additional discipline.

Roommate, how do you feel about it?

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