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<p> This week we learned about the best-selling iPhone of 2019 in the Apple news. Interestingly, the iPhone that outbid everyone else in quarter 2019 is not really 2019. </p>
<p> In other Apple news, we learned how many AirPods Apple is expected to sell in 2020. This is the first adopted case design for the 2020 iPhones, and it is rumored that future iPhones will have OIS on the Ultra Wide cameras might support First look at the iPad 2020. </p>
<p> See the Apple News summary below for the latest news. </p>
<h2> The main Apple news of the past NEN WEEK: </h2>
<li> The best-selling iPhone of 2019 is the iPhone XR: Although the latest and best iPhones belong to the iPhone 11 series, the iPhone XR of 2018 is the iPhone of the year. According to Counterpoint Research, the iPhone XR sold better than any other iPhone every quarter of 2019. </li>
<li> <strong> The alleged iPhone 12 case shows angular pages: </strong> Remember how the iPhone 4 started the trend of angular pages on iPhones? It looks like this design could reappear, at least according to this supposedly leaked iPhone 12 case. </li>
<li> <strong> Apple iPad renderings have a similar design: </strong> Reliable source @OnLeaks (via iGeeksBlog) published some very legitimate-looking representations of the 2020 iPads. They have the same squircle rear camera module as the iPhone 11 series and the angular sides that we expect for the 2020 iPhones. Check out the pictures here. </li>
<li> <strong> Apple plans to sell 85 million AirPods by 2020: </strong> Renowned analyst Toni Sacconaghi von Bernstein estimates that Apple alone generated $ 6 billion in revenue from AirPods in 2019 , Sacconaghi estimates Apple could sell 85 million AirPods in 2020, which would mean sales of around $ 15 billion. </li>
<li> <strong> Optical image stabilization could be used with ultra-wide iPhone lenses: </strong> iPhone 11 Pro models have OIS, but only if they have wide-angle or telephoto lenses. Apparently, Apple could bring OIS to ultra-wide lenses in 2020, which would open up many new photographic opportunities. </li>
<li> <strong> City workers in San Francisco can use iPhones again: </strong> A law in San Francisco Francisco prohibits the use of facial recognition technologies that make it technically impossible for employees to use iPhones. This was an unfortunate mistake and has now been corrected so that employees can use iPhones again (not many of them have ever stopped). </li>
<h2> Are you considering making a change? </h2>
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<p> If you're reading this Apple News article on an iOS device and thinking about switching to Android, there are several articles and instructions that can help you with this process, regardless of how it seems the switch from iOS to Android is easier than ever, and many of the services and systems on iOS have similar or even the same counterparts on Android. </p>
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