Amazon’s Ring Might Be Shifting In direction of Sensible Lightbulbs


For unknowns, Amazon already acquired the ring in 2018. If you did not know that Ring is a company that makes intelligent video doorbells, the company has since specialized in the development of surveillance cameras. But could the company plan to add more smart home devices to its portfolio? Anyway, that seems to be so, or at least, according to a tweet by David Zatz, in which he stumbled upon a patent from the company that seems to describe a smart lightbulb.

As you can see in the tweet below, the branding included in the patent clearly makes this a ring design. However, the design suggests that this may not be a typical light bulb.

Instead of a light bulb designed for home use, such as in your living room or desk, this design indicates that it may be used as a flood light design to complement the company's other products. This can be useful, for example, to illuminate people at your door when they ring your doorbell.

Hmmm ring PAR35 "intelligent" light bulb. Accessories for outdoor lights? Ring alarm accessory? Both? Neither? 🙂[19459003[19459001[-DaveZatz(@davezatz)9December2019

It can also be used with the ring security cameras to show who may have raised an alarm on the System. Apart from that, it is difficult to say for all patents if and when the product becomes reality. However, CES 2020 is upon us, so the company may have more to share.

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