Amazon Halo will cost a subscription payment to watch the tone of your voice


  • Amazon Halo.

  • A closer look at the device itself.

Amazon announced Halo, a combo subscription service, app, and wearable fitness device that promises to use the same technology the company developed for Alexa to add a new dimension to personal health tracking – tone of voice.

The product announcement states: "Strong social connections are just as important for long-term health as adequate sleep, fitness, good nutrition or even not smoking."

Using machine learning-controlled speech processing, the device temporarily records your voice and analyzes its tempo, rhythm, pitch and intensity in order to make judgments about "the positivity and energy of your voice", where "positivity is measured by how happy or sad you are Sound and energy is how excited or tired you sound. "

The app gives you daily summaries of how you have sounded throughout the day. Amazon argues that having access to this information will help you understand how you sound to others and diagnose social issues in your life, such as being tense with your family in the evenings because you are stressed out at work during the day.

For reasons of data protection, Amazon would like to point out that the device will only start listening when you log in. All samples are processed locally on your phone and deleted when processing is complete.

The device has no screen and does not send frequent notifications. The sensors include an accelerometer, temperature sensor, heart rate monitor, and two microphones. You can press a special button to disable or re-enable the microphones at will. In addition to the differentiating tone function, the band and service track many of the usual suspects for fitness wearables: sleep, activity and body fat percentage.

Amazon promises water resistance and battery life of up to seven days.

The halo ribbon is available in three sizes – small, medium and large – and in three colors: winter + silver, rouge + rose gold and black + onyx. The wearable costs $ 64.99 and is currently in "Early Access" status on the Amazon storefront. This means that you need to request access. Membership is $ 3.99 per month after a 6 month free trial. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Amazon affirms in its press release that the above prices are specific to the Early Access period, but the company does not say how much it will cost if it leaves Early Access or when it will happen.

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