AirPods Professional Models Are Being Marked Up Like Loopy By Resellers


While Apple's iPhones are currently probably the company's biggest money-maker, the AirPods could get another punch in their hands where some analysts predict have that it could raise up to $ 4 billion a quarter and exceed the highest iPod sales.

So much so that it is not surprising that they sell hotcakes, especially when we are just before Christmas. In fact, the headphones seem to be so popular that the AirPods Pro model is sold out. Unfortunately for the buyer, this also means that resellers take advantage of this by significantly increasing the price.

After sightings on platforms like eBay, some sellers seem to be selling the AirPods Pro for $ 350. When the AirPods Pro came on the market, the price was $ 250, which means that resellers can mark it up to $ 100. This is because the device appears to be so popular that many official retailers and even Apple are out of stock on time for Christmas, and if you place an order today, it won't arrive until January 10 next year. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do at the moment unless you move from store to store and hope that some of them have the AirPods Pro in stock.

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