Above & Past Deal with Followers With Stay Model Of Three Fan-Favourite Tracks


As a final reward in 2019, Above & Beyond presented fans with live / club versions of three of their favorite songs: "Out of Time", "Is It Love? (1001) and "Alone Tonight".

The group unveiled the EP yesterday and added the description "& # 39; Out of Time & # 39; Club Mix ”, which was first played on # ABGT100 in 2014, along with the Gorge Update from & # 39; Alone Tonight & # 39; and our club mix of & # 39; 1001 (Is It Love) & # 39 ;. “Each of the tracks also contains an expanded mix for even warmer, pulsating trance melodies.

When it comes to getting you into your feelings, nobody does it better than Above & Beyond …

Check out their Out Of Time EP below!

Photo via Rukes.com


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