A Botched Affected person Has Santa to Blame for Her ”Rudolph Nostril”


Sara shook her son's illusion about Santa Claus, and in response he smashed her nose.

On Monday, the Colorado resident announced how she was revealing the truth about Santa Claus, which led to a nightmare in plastic surgery.

"About two years ago, my son came home and said," I know that Santa is not real. "And he said," Tell me the truth, "Sara said in a confessional. "I mean, it was just like my face."

Instead of lying to her son, Sara decided to tell him the truth. Of course, this message was not well received by the then eight-year-old. As Sara told the doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif her son came so close to her face that he hit her on the bridge of her glasses and caused her nose to break.

"Sara, little advice for you. The next time you are asked if Santa Claus exists, say" Yes "!" Joked Dr. Dubrow in front of the broken camera.

Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of Sara's journey. Sara was originally subjected to an ENT doctor to correct the break, but "it still didn't look right." She then met with another surgeon who placed her under the watch for five hours.

Despite the extensive operation, Sara still had a crooked nose and was plagued by the smell of cat piss. Dr. suspected between the mysterious smell and the antibiotics Sara had to take. Nassif that she had got an infection.

To make matters worse, after a third operation, Sara's nose collapsed inside and turned into a Rudolph nose. That is, her nose turned purple when it was cold and red when it was warm.

When examining Sara's nose, Dr. suspected Nassif that her nasal concavity was caused by her previous doctor.

"The doctor did it," I just took too much out of the cartilage, "the famous plastic surgeon later stated." Whether there was an over-aggressive septoplasty or too much cartilage was taken, whatever it is, now it has a concavity. "

Although Dr. When Nassif tried to "tackle" Sara's nose, he warned her that surgery could worsen the color. Nevertheless, the prominent doctor has made his plan to repair the bones and build their bridge.

"We're in it," assured Sara Dr. Nassif.

During the operation, Nassif and Dr. His team harvested rib and scalp fasciae, inserted a diced cartilage implant, broke the nasal bones and much more. Nassif did all of this so that Sara could have “a nose as pretty as a Christmas present”.

And like a child on Christmas morning, Sara was more than thrilled.

"Before my operation, my nose had a crooked L shape. One side was notched and the tip would turn red and purple," Sara said after the operation. "But now, thanks to Dr. Nassif, my nose is straight, the tip doesn't change color and I just can't stop looking at it." Resident in Florida Melissa turned to Dr. Dubrow and Nassif "stopped all my life" after a series of nightmare breast surgeries.

After two breast enlargements, a botched correction operation and unexpected physical complications, Melissa was broken and with a "minced meat festival" for breasts.

"I know I'll never be perfect. I just want to be a bit normal," Melissa asked during her meeting with the doctors.

Although Dr. Dubrow I wasn't sure what to do. He let Melissa and her mother into the exam room with him and Nassif.

"The truth about Melissa's very risky breast revision situation is that the blood supply is disrupted, there are a ton of scar tissue," admitted Heather Dubrow (19459003). "It will be extremely difficult to give your symmetrical breasts a good breast shape."

Nevertheless, Melissa contacted Dr. Dubrow for an operation. During his stay in the operating room, Dubrow and his team had to search through a considerable amount of scar tissue and rebuild Melissa's breast pockets.

Despite the many risks, Dubrow could give Melissa two symmetrical breasts.

"Thanks to Dr. Dubrow, my breasts are beautiful," bragged Melissa after the operation. "They are scar-free, symmetrical and so cheeky that I don't need any additional padding."

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