6 The reason why you need to research in New Zealand


Do you want to stand out from regular college students and experience something new, exciting, and so awesome that you'll remember it for the rest of your life? Then you should definitely consider studying abroad. But where do you ask? Well, I'm here to tell you why New Zealand is THE place to do an unforgettable study abroad.

It's crazy about New Zealand

What more do I have to say than NEW ZEALAND! New Zealand has every amazing piece of landscape and environment that this world can offer in its archipelago. You know it's good if Lord of the Rings was filmed there. But how does that affect why you should study there? Well, somewhere you never get the chance to learn again if you give a lecture at noon, climb the mountain in the evening and climb a mountain the next day!

It is a different country

They were probably sitting with their eyebrows raised and saying words like "Yes, Henry, we know that it is a different country. We are students." But I don't mean that. I mean "You will be taking yourself out of your comfort zone and into a world that feels more and more insular and that can only be a good thing. If you graduate from college with not only more knowledge but also more understanding of other cultures, you will become a part of this average college graduate stand out!

Incredible institutions

Oh yes, the trifle of the actual study. New Zealand has some great schools for many different areas of programs. If law or social sciences are your strength, then you have Victoria University of Wellington in the country's capital. Oh, and if you want to study in a place you'll never forget, the University of the Otago at Dunedin is for you. It is considered one of the most picturesque universities in the world. Of course there is also the University of Auckland, one of the top 80 universities in the world! These and many other incredible schools are one reason why you should travel to New Zealand to study abroad.

The extracurricular

We all know that extra-curricular activities make up a large part of your college experience, and that's no different in New Zealand. Of course there is the New Zealand national sport of rugby and there is no better place to try this great game than at home with the world champions. But if contact sports are not for you, why not try surfing or sailing, which New Zealand is famous for? I mean, Auckland is the city of sails!

If sport is not your thing, don't worry, New Zealand is so rich in history and culture that you have a lot to discover to spend these hours. The history of New Zealand, especially the history of the Maori, is so diverse and interesting to discover, and New Zealand is very good at promoting learning about the Maori culture so that you can gain knowledge outside of class.

And extra-curricular activities for the night, all I will say is that you can drink in New Zealand at 6pm…

It's super relaxed

Yes, just trust me. As someone who has been to New Zealand, it just feels different from the rest of the world, and it's probably because of the kiwifruit. The kiwis are among the most down-to-earth people in the world and will make you feel so welcome in their country that you are likely to feel like it is your country when you have to leave it.

Oh, and you can do it for free …

Yes, you heard me correctly. Go Overseas is applying for a grant to study in New Zealand for up to $ 15,000 (for your semester) . And we, many here at STA, will pay for your return trip to New Zealand. So serious, now you've heard why it's such a great place to study. What are you waiting for? Application deadline.


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