6 Simple Black-Boot Outfit Concepts, In line with Vogue Women


I have pretty much all the important things I live in in the fall months. What is at the top of the list? Well, for starters, black hoodies, turtlenecks, skinny jeans, blazers, moto jackets, and trustworthy (if simple) black boots. TBH, I'm basically related to the latter. I adore them so much that they make up half of my shoe closet. And okay, yes, I know there are plenty of meaningful booties in the universe, but it's the simple, understated silhouettes that always find a home in my hooves. Why? Well, it may seem obvious, but the classic nature of the silhouette (also known as the lack of ruffles and embellishments) means that it can literally be worn with anything in my closet.

In this sense, there are actually some outfit formulas that I use most with my boots. Believe it or not, others in the fashion crowd seem to be on the same page, as they too appear in similar fits to their boots.

So without further ado, here are six flawless black boot outfits (courtesy of some of my favorite style setters). Think about whether you swear by the timeless silhouette of your shoes. And of course I also chose every look to give you even more inspiration for the styling.


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