5 Unbelievable Pure Wonders to See in Java, Indonesia


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Java is the most populous island in Indonesia. You will find beautiful volcanoes, spice plantations, lively lakes, pristine beaches and extensive cave systems everywhere. Java, the neighboring country of Bali, attracts people for its beaches and nightlife, and surpasses the incredibly popular Bali when it comes to unpaved roads and breathtaking nature. Learn about 5 of these natural treasures in Java and prepare to experience a fairly surreal landscape.

1. Kawah Putih – Bandung, West Java

As part of the Pacific "Ring of Fire" – a vast area with regular tectonic activity – Indonesia is mainly characterized by volcanic eruptions. Sometimes this leads to earthquake and eruption risks, but it also creates beautiful foreign landscapes.

A phenomenon that can only be attributed to volcanic activity is Kawah Putih, a crater lake that is located 50 kilometers outside the West Javanese city of Bandung. This lake almost looks like the decor of a post-apocalyptic film when viewed from the shore. As soon as you go down the stairs around the crater, the milky blue-gray lake makes for a threatening sight. The smoke on one of the lake shores proves that the earth lives in this area. It also contributes to the extraterrestrial experience that visitors experience when visiting Kawah Putih, which translates to "White Crater". You can't dip your toes in this acidic lake, but on the catwalk, you're surrounded by magically colored water.

The entry price for Kawah Putih is 75,000 Indonesian rupiah, which is just over £ 4 at the time of writing. A return shuttle bus ride from the park entrance to the lake costs 30,000 rupiah or £ 1.65.

When visiting, it is advisable not to stay near Kawah Putih for more than an hour. This is because the sulfur-containing gases make breathing difficult in the long run. As a reminder, this safety notice is repeated regularly by speakers.

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