5 explanation why travelling Thailand within the off-season is wonderful!


When you hear the phrase "rainy season" and "shower" you are not alone. Many people who have not yet experienced the country run (or fly) in the opposite direction when they remember that massive rainstorms are eating away at the time of their beach vacation.

The rainy season also means "off-season", and experienced travelers know that traveling outside the high season has some important advantages. As long as you are aware and take a few basic precautions, the benefits of traveling in the low season can far outweigh the disadvantages.

  1. It is much less crowded

There is a reason why millions of people flock to Thailand every year. It is great. The downside is that you can wrestle and jostle with thousands of people at some of the must-see attractions. One of the biggest advantages of traveling in the off-season is that you have more time and more space to explore comfortably. Imagine visiting places like Bangkok's floating markets and having to queue, mix, and take pictures over a sea of ​​people. Imagine wanting to spend a relaxing vacation on Thailand's beautiful beaches, only to find that everything is fully booked and crossing the beach like crossing Times Square in New York. Off-season travel will help you avoid some of this tourist chaos so you can really immerse yourself in the unique offers.

  1. It is much cheaper

As the crowd subsides, the locals vie for the attention of the remaining travelers, which means better prices and better deals across the board. If you are traveling on a budget, you can be sure that you will stretch that "dollar" much further. While the biggest gains are from airlines and tour operators, you can also benefit from cheaper accommodation and even food. Mmmm thai food. Sorry what did we say?

  1. Other local festivals

The world not only ends because there are fewer tourists, the off-season is still a busy time for the locals. With a number of remarkable festivals celebrating Buddhist Lent (July-October), the crucial growing cycle for wet rice, and the regatta (September), there are some amazing ways to experience fascinating cultural events firsthand. Let yourself be enchanted by the colorful festivals, it costs you nothing more and can lead to some of the most unforgettable experiences.

  1. Small groups on tour

This means more flexibility for interesting side trips, more one-on-one conversations with your guide and a generally more personal experience. You have more options for authentic local encounters as it is easier for guides to accommodate smaller groups for village visits and dinners at local restaurants.

  1. The weather … it is not just raining

To address the most obvious problem: Yes, it will rain. However, it doesn't rain all the time and you will still get a tan! In the off-season (June – September) a cloudburst can be expected on most days. However, these usually arrive in the afternoon like clockwork and often end as quickly as they started. With this predictability, it is easy to plan your daily trips. You can even start to greet the rain as a cool relief from the heat of the day. Due to the additional rainfall, the landscape quickly changes from the yellow-brown hues of the dry season to a beautiful green green.

When is the low season in Thailand?

Opinions differ about when it starts, but generally June through September is considered "off-season".

How to deal with the rain

Like traveling everywhere, it can make the difference whether you are enjoying yourself or not, if you are adaptable, prepared and on the move with the right attitude!

  • Easy packing of loose, breathable clothing and of course a high-quality, waterproof layer are the key.
    • You can buy an umbrella at almost every corner. Since there is more at this time of the year!
    • Take a little more time on your travel plans to make up for any delays.
    • You go on vacation, drink a beer, relax and have fun!

Have we dampened your appetite for the "low season"? Escape the beaten path, avoid the crowds and discover another side of Thailand.


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