5 Android apps you should not miss this week!


Welcome to the 343rd edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the big headlines from last week:

  • The Fortnite saga continued this week with a number of new developments. Microsoft has endorsed Fortnite due to the developments of Fortnite with the Unreal Engine and its impact on PC games. Additionally, Epic Games hosted a Fortnite tournament before Apple players lost cross-platform permissions earlier this week. Meanwhile, Apple responded to Fortnite's claims in court, comparing Epic Games to shoplifting in some really bizarre court statements. Click the links for more information.
  • People in Arizona are suing Google over privacy concerns. The court documents alleged that even Google employees had no idea what was happening to their own privacy, let alone that of others. Google said the docs and news sources plucked Cherry juicy pieces to make the situation seem a lot worse than it actually was. Most of that dates back to 2018, and Google has improved its location services immensely since then.
  • Android 11 sometimes forces people to use the default camera app, even if they prefer a third-party camera. The new system allows users to use the camera in apps that have a built-in camera, such as B. in Instagram. However, if an app requires an external camera, the operating system defaults to using the standard camera app instead of third-party apps. This isn't too big a deal as you can still use third-party apps, but it's still a bit restrictive.
  • Some Chinese phones recently shipped with malware, and it was a big deal. The malware, Triada and xHelper software, can download apps and subscribe to services in the background without the user's consent. It affected some Tecno W2, an inexpensive phone from China. Click the link for more information.
  • TikTok strikes back against the US government. A new lawsuit from the social media giant alleges that the U.S. government has deliberately ignored any attempts TikTok made to show the U.S. it wasn't a security threat. Initiatives included storing US user data outside of China and a data barrier preventing the developer's other apps from ever accessing TikTok. Trump's mandate to sell ByteDance to a US company by September 15 also remains in effect.

Baseball Superstars 2020

Price: Free to Play

Baseball Superstars 2020 is the newest arcade baseball sim from GAMEVIL. Players begin the game by collecting different characters to improve their baseball team. You can update players, coaches, and coaches. There are also several ways you can customize your baseball team. There are some real baseball out there, including a batting and pitching mechanic. Both are arcade style so there isn't a lot of realism. However, it's a fun little arcade game for baseball fans, even though it's free to play.

Secure Clips

Price: $ 1.99


Secure Clips is a new clipboard manager that also contains some security features. Basically, the standard Android clipboard is intercepted so you can copy and paste text in places without worrying about who can see it. It's a little strange to use. You copy text with a three-dot menu instead of the usual popup and then paste it in the same way. The operating system is thus completely skipped. You can also enable an additional accessibility privilege to skip this and use it as with the Android operating system method. It costs $ 1.99 upfront with no in-app purchases and is a useful tool for people who care about privacy.

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