10 Unimaginable and Greatest Locations to Go to in China


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If you love travel destinations with a rich history and culture as well as a variety of attractions, then China is a good choice. China is the largest Asian country with rapid economic growth and has built up a first-class infrastructure to meet increasing tourist demand. With an estimated 30 million visitors in 2018, China will be the most popular destination on the continent. Are you planning a visit? Here are some of the best and most incredible places to visit in China.

1st Great Wall, Beijing

The Great Wall of China is considered one of the greatest attractions in the world. At 21,196 kilometers, the Great Wall is one of the seven "new" wonders of the world, making it the longest wall in the world. It was built about 2000 years ago and lasted until 1878 in the Qing Dynasty. In fact, today we see only 70 percent of the original structure. The Great Wall was built as a military fortress to prevent an invasion. Later, it was expanded to protect the Silk Road trade, which was an important route for international trade during this period.

The Great Wall of China is easily accessible from Beijing and is one of the main attractions in China. To really appreciate this incredible wall, book a tour where the guide will help you learn more about their history. This definitely gives you a completely new experience.

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