10 Should-See UNESCO World Heritage Websites in Africa


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There are hundreds of UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the world. These are so important for our society that they are protected for future generations. Africa has 89 historic sites that have some of the most fascinating and breathtaking places in the world to offer. Some are famous like the great pyramids of Egypt, while others are less visited but just as spectacular. Here are 10 incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa.

Rock churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia

The remote mountain village of Lalibela in northern Ethiopia is home to 11 spectacular medieval churches carved out of a single rock inside and out. These mystical creations have made this mountain town a place of pride and pilgrimage for worshipers and visitors. These churches represent a building tradition that has been used in Ethiopia since the 6th century. However, these particular churches are attributed to King Lalibela, who ruled in the 13th century. The king had a vision of a "new Jerusalem" for Christians who could not make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land due to Muslim conquests in North Africa. The best time to travel is the Timket festival in January on the occasion of the Epiphany, at which Ethiopian Christians re-enact the baptism of Christ.

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