10 Cool Cities within the Netherlands (Finest Locations In addition to Amsterdam)


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The Netherlands is a relatively small country in Western Europe. The Netherlands may be small, but it is full of history and culture.

Many tourists stay in Amsterdam for a short trip because the capital has incredible architecture, countless museums and a vibrant nightlife. Scattered across the country you will find less visited and equally beautiful cities. All are easily accessible from each other because the distances are short and transportation is convenient. On a trip to lesser known cities, you can get to know the Dutch past, the Dutch design and the Dutch traditions even better.

Here is our guide to 10 chic cities in the Netherlands outside the crowded capital of Amsterdam.

1. Rotterdam

More and more visitors find their way to this port junction, the second largest city in the country and the imagination of many architecture lovers. In contrast to Amsterdam, Rotterdam did not have a well-preserved medieval center due to the heavy bombing in World War II. Rotterdam has risen from the ashes and offers phenomenal contemporary architecture, trendy food courts and a whole host of attractive festivals. Don't forget to visit the famous cubic houses, the amazing Erasmus bridge and the Markthal dining hall with cosmopolitan wines and dishes.

Other entertaining activities include a boat tour through the large port of Rotterdam and a meal or a drink from the Euromast observation tower.

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